Apex Legends Mobile will not have crossplay and testing will begin at the end of April

Respawn will begin regional testing in late April with an Android version of Apex Legends Mobile. That starts in Asia with a limited number of players. Later this year, the game should come to more users worldwide. The game is separate from the console and PC version.

Later this month, a few thousand players in India and the Philippines can get started with Apex Legends Mobile, developer Respawn Entertainment writes. The mobile version of the battle royale game has been developed for touchscreens and has modified controls and optimizations for smartphones, but is “true to the original”.

Apex Legends Mobile is a standalone game. So there is no crossplay possible between the mobile version and the game on consoles and PC. Gameplay of the mobile version has not yet been shown. The developer does show a number of screenshots. Initially it is an Android game, but iOS support should follow later.

Last year it was already announced that publisher EA and developer Respawn are working with a Chinese partner for the mobile version. It is not yet clear which partner that is. Rumor has it that it is Tencent. In the new announcement, Respawn writes that a specially formed team of in-house developers is working on the mobile version, but the studio also says that it is a collaboration with “other partners”.

Like the PC and console versions of Apex Legends, the mobile game is free-to-play. Paid items will come into play, but according to the makers, they don’t give any gameplay benefits. The mobile version will also get its own Battle Passes, which are separate from the Battle Pass for PC and consoles.

Last week, Respawn Entertainment announced that 100 million Apex Legends players are. The game was released in early 2019. The game was first released for Windows, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is also available on the Nintendo Switch since this year.