Antec releases PhD water coolers with argb LEDs from 70 euros

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Antec releases the Neptune 120 and Neptune 240: all-in-one water coolers with suggested retail prices of 70 and 93 euros. Both the fans and the pump are equipped with controllable RGB LEDs and the lighting can be controlled via RGB software from motherboards.

Antec equips the radiator with 120mm-pwm fans that run at a speed of 900 to 1600rpm. The pump can move 1.5 liters of water per minute. According to the manufacturer, the pump produces a maximum of 36dB(A) of noise and with the fans this is 20 to 36dB(A), depending on the rotation speed.

The Neptune 120 has a radiator of 169x120x27mm and the dimensions of the Neptune 240 are 287x121x27mm. The radiators are made of aluminum. The cooling block with the water pump to be mounted on the CPU has dimensions of 65x64x40mm.

Antec already supplies the Neptule cooler with thermal paste, so that users do not have to do it themselves. The aio coolers must be connected to a sata connection for the power supply. According to Antec, the Neptune coolers are available immediately.

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