Antec releases P82 Silent housing with three 120mm fans for 83 euros

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Antec releases a new variant of its P82 midtower. The P82 Silent features three 120mm fans with adjustable speed and side panels with sound dampening material. The housing has a suggested retail price of 83 euros.

The Antec P82 Silent is largely similar to the previously released P82 Flow, but instead of a side panel made of tempered glass, the ‘silent’ model has closed panels with sound-absorbing material. The Silent version also has fewer fans: three 120mm copies, instead of four 140mm variants in the Flow. Antec gives no further details about the included fans.

On the side of the housing is a slide with which the fans can be set to run hard or soft. The fans can also be turned off completely. The P82 Flow does not have this slider. According to Antec, the P82 housing is a further development of the P8 from 2017. The performance would be comparable, but the appearance is minimalist, including a white LED.

The P82 Silent case measures 454x215x480mm and can accommodate ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards. A video card with a maximum length of 380 mm fits in and the CPU cooler may not be higher than 178 mm. On the front are two USB 3.0 ports and an audio input and output.

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