Android P will definitely not get dark mode

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Android does not get a dark mode in version 9.0 ‘P’. It turned out to be a miscommunication with the Aosp development team. There will be a toggle for developers to make it easier to test a dark mode in their own apps.

According to the Google employee, the toggle has been around since Android 2.2 but is now only being made more accessible to developers. “If it’s any consolation, we’re also not going to implement Hot Dog Mode, where all interface elements are yellow and red,” he continues to joke. An example of an Android app that has its own ‘night mode’ is Twitter.

Last Friday it came out that Android P seemed to get a dark mode. The feature request for such a position in the operating system was then marked as fulfilled by a developer to the delight of the users there, but the developer had no idea what the issue was really about. Advanced Android users can still apply a dark theme to their system via an app like Substratum. This can relieve the battery on OLED screens.

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