Android P version Wear OS turns off bluetooth after user takes off watch

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The upcoming version of Wear OS, the former Android Wear, will turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if the user does not have the watch on for a while. That should save the battery of watches. Google bases the new version of Wear OS on Android P.

In addition, apps can no longer run in the background on Wear OS, reports Google. To further save the battery, only the selected watchface in the background will be able to use the processor. Apps that are not running should no longer launch. Apps can run in the background when the watch is on or on the charger.

Turning off bluetooth when the watch detects that the user is not wearing it happens after some time. This is evident from the release notes. The same applies to the possible mobile internet connection of the watch.

Google only supports the Huawei Watch 2 with the preview, according to the images that developers can download. That stands out, because Google worked with LG for the Watch Style and Watch Sport. Those were the first watches with Android Wear 2.0.

Android Wear has been called Wear OS for two weeks now. With this, Google wants to make it clear that watches with the operating system not only work with Android phones, but also with iPhones. One in three new Wear OS users in 2017 used an iPhone.

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