Android gets option to use apps simultaneously when multitasking tas

Google says it is introducing a developer feature that allows users to have multiple apps open and in view on their Android phone, where not just one app is active and the rest are paused.

This function is called ‘multi-resume’ and ensures that if several windows of different apps are open, all these apps also remain active and can be used. Previously it was possible in Android to have multiple windows, for example, in a split-screen image, but then there was always an app that was not active.

The new feature for Android 9 Pie is aimed at developers so that they can add certain metadata in the app manifest so that those apps are no longer paused if the user wants to use multiple apps at once when multitasking. In principle, an update will also be needed to be able to use multi-resume on a phone with Android 9.0. This will probably be supported by default in the next Android version.