Android 14 gets customizable lock screen shortcuts

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Google announced new features in Android 14 at its I/O developer conference. For example, there will be a new lock screen, in which users can place their own shortcuts in place of Wallet and camera.

It is not yet clear what options users have for the shortcuts. Google doesn’t say much about that. There will also be more options for wallpapers. Cinematic Wallpapers are animated wallpapers like those in iOS 15. In addition, there will be options for AI-generated wallpapers based on a customizable prompt.

WhatsApp will be released for Wear OS 3, Google announced. Users can read and reply to messages with voice messages. It is the first time that WhatsApp has released an app for Google’s smartwatch platform. The release is this summer.

Google makes it possible to find all kinds of devices via Find My Device. In addition, Google showed what the notifications look like when the phone has found an unknown tracker nearby that appears to be following the user.

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