Analysts office: Apple delivered 600,000 HomePods in the first month and a half

Apple delivered about 600,000 copies of its speaker HomePod in the first month and a half of its release in February, analyst firm Strategy Analytics has calculated. The speaker only came out in the US and the UK in February.

With 600,000 HomePods, Apple would be in fourth place worldwide, for Xiaomi but after Alibaba, Amazon and Google, Strategy Analytics has calculated . Alibaba only delivers its speaker in China, but that is sufficient for a spot in the top three worldwide. Google would have delivered 2.4 million copies of its Home speakers, according to SA Amazon came to four million copies of its Echo products.
It is unknown how the distribution is based on sales. Where Amazon and Google both besides expensive speakers also sell copies of a few bucks, Apple only has the $ 350 HomePod in its range. Bloomberg claimed last month that Apple was left with unsold stock .
Apple released its speaker in the United States and the United Kingdom in February. This spring follows a release in Germany, among others. It is still unknown if and when the speaker goes on sale in the Benelux.