Analogue announces Analogue 3D console that plays Nintendo 64 games in 4k

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Analogue, a company known for its modern versions of retro consoles, has unveiled the Analogue 3D. The console is ‘one hundred percent compatible’ with Nintendo 64 cartridges from any region and has 4k output. The console also includes ‘original display modes’.

Analogue speaks of the “first and only aftermarket solution to support one hundred percent compatibility in every region.” There is no software emulation involved; thanks to FPGA technology, or field-programmable gate array, Analogue can replicate the hardware of older systems at the transistor level. The console also allows users to recreate the look of old CRT televisions and production video monitors on their modern OLED or LCD screen.

The Analogue 3D does not come with an M-shaped Nintendo 64 controller, but with a more modern-looking controller from 8bitdo. Old N64 controllers can be connected to one of the four controller ports on the front of the console. Furthermore, the device supports Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connectivity, presumably to connect other controllers.

Apart from a few teaser images, no clear images have been released showing what the console will look like. The Analogue 3D will be released sometime in 2024. The exact release date and price are not yet known. Analogue previously also released recreations of consoles such as the NES, SNES and Sega Genesis. The company also released the Analogue Pocket for Game Boy games.

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