Amplitude postpones console version Humankind ‘until further notice’

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Developers Amplitude and Aspyr have delayed the console version of Humankind. The version should have been released for the PlayStation 4 and 5 and the Xbox One and Series in November. All prepayments will be refunded where possible.

The developer Amplitude and port studio Aspyr Media say they have ‘unexpected challenges’ encountered when porting the game. Therefore, the release will be postponed until ‘further notice’. “We know this will be frustrating for many of you, but we believe this delay is for the best as we want to make sure we can provide the best for console gamers,” Amplitude writes.

In the message they do not indicate what the problems are. There is also no time limit for when the game should be released. “We’ll update you as soon as we can.” Gamers who have already bought the game through online stores will get their money back where possible.

Humankind is a Civilization-style, turn-based strategy game released for PC last August. The first expansion of the game will be released in November with Together We Rule. This expansion expands the diplomacy of the game and adds diplomats and spies, as well as new cultures.

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