AMD vs Developers: Focus on DX12 or glNext instead of Mantle

AMD is going in a new direction with its Mantle API for low-level access to graphics hardware. The company recommends developers turn to DirectX12 or glNext, which will provide similar functionality. Mantle will be an ‘innovative platform’.

AMD promises to release programming and reference documents on Mantle in March, as part of its strategy to provide as much open access as possible, without restrictive contracts, license fees and lock-ins. AMD hopes the documents will “stimulate discussion that will lead to better graphics APIs in the months and years to come.” However, there will be no public release of the Mantle SDK and AMD will announce more about it on March 5.

According to AMD, 2015 will be a transition year for Mantle. AMD itself will actively contribute to the development of DirectX12 and glNext, and the same applies to game developers. These widely supported standards will offer functionality that Mantle also offers: giving more control over graphics hardware, which should reduce the load on CPUs and improve the performance of video cards. It had been a question for some time what Mantle still had to offer.

AMD says it will at least continue to support Mantle for existing projects, such as for Battlefield Hardline. In addition, according to the chip company, Mantle must acquire new properties and continue to exist as an ‘innovation platform’, including for partners with special wishes. The SDk will also remain available, but AMD advises developers to focus on DirectX12 and glNext.