‘AMD Radeon VII video card is very limited’

According to various sources, the AMD Radeon VII video card that will be released on Thursday in Europe has very limited availability. In the United Kingdom it would be less than two hundred copies, in France and Spain only twenty per country.

The most concrete figures come from Overclockers.co.uk. On the forum, an administrator of the webshop says that about 76 cards will be in stock on Thursday afternoon. It would be more than half of the cards available in the United Kingdom. The administrator says he has placed an order for a thousand units with AMD, but the manufacturer cannot deliver that number.

According to the French website cowcotland, there are only 20 Radeon VII cards available in France and Spain. The price of 699 dollars would translate to 739 euros. Moreover, in France, only one web store could supply the new video card. Details about the availability of the Radeon VII video card in the Benelux are unknown. It is also not clear whether there is more stock in other parts of the world and whether deliveries will increase soon after the introduction.

The Radeon VII video card uses the same Vega 20 GPU as the Instinct Mi 50 accelerator, a card AMD is likely to sell at a much higher price. The Radeon VII also has 16GB hbm2, just like that accelerator, that memory type is scarce and expensive.

AMD announced the Radeon VII at CES in January. The video card is for sale from Thursday afternoon. Then reviews of the video card will also appear online.