AMD puts details of Ryzen 7 2800H and Ryzen 5 2600H laptop APUs online

AMD has put details of two 45W processors for laptops online. It concerns the Ryzen 7 2800H and the Ryzen 5 2600H, which are quad-cores that have a Vega 11 and Vega 8 GPU. The processors will be released on October 10.

AMD has added the processors to a list on its website, without further mentioning it. This shows that the Ryzen 7 2800H and the Ryzen 5 2600H are laptop processors with a TDP of 45 Watts and that they can also be configured for a TDP of 35 to 54 Watts. This makes them a lot more powerful than the Ryzen processors for laptops that have appeared so far, the models with a U suffix have a TDP of 15 watts and can be configured from 12 to 25 watts.

The integrated GPU of the Ryzen H variants is not much more powerful than that of the U models. The Ryzen 5 2600H has a Vega 8 GPU with 512 stream processors at a maximum of 1100MHz. This makes the specifications of the GPU equal to those of the economical Ryzen 5 2500U. The Vega 11 GPU of the Ryzen 7 2800H has one more compute unit than the Vega 10 GPU of the Ryzen 7 2700U. The new APUs do support faster memory, up to DDR4-3200 instead of DDR4-2400. That can improve graphics performance.

The new Ryzen Mobile H variants cannot compete with, for example, the Intel Kaby Lake G chips with AMD Radeon GPUs in terms of graphics processing power. They have GPUs with 20 to 24 compute units. In particular, the higher tdp of the H-apus will ensure that the processor cores can run at a high speed for a long time. On paper, the graphics of the new chips are faster than the UHD 620 GPU that Intel uses in its 45W laptop processors.

AMD may formally announce the Ryzen 5 2600H and the Ryzen 7 2800H later. The specification list states a release date of October 10. Laptops with the new APUs have not yet been announced. However, details have already appeared about an all-in-one computer from HP with the new processors.

Ryzen 7 2800H Ryzen 5 2600H Ryzen 7 2700U Ryzen 5 2500U
cores/threads 4/8 4/8 4/8 4/8
Clock speed 3.3GHz 3.2GHz 2.2GHz 2GHz
Turbo 3.8GHz 3.6GHz 3.8GHz 3.6GHz
GPU vegan 11 vegan 8 vegan 10 vegan 8
ddr4 3200 ddr4 3200 ddr4 2400 ddr4 2400
L3 cache 4MB 4MB 4MB 4MB
Process 14nm 14nm 14nm 14nm
tdp 45W 45W 15W 15W
ctdp 35-54W 35-54W 12-25W 12-25W