‘Amazon wants to release its own set-top box within a month and a half’

Amazon wants to release its own set-top box in March, an American tech site claims based on various anonymous sources. There have been rumors for months about such proprietary hardware from Amazon, which would also run games.

The set-top box would run Android, reports Re/code, a site of former reporters of the business newspaper The Wall Street Journal. It’s probably a fork. Amazon has already forked Android for its tablets in the Kindle Fire line, and Google’s terms don’t allow for Google apps to run on hardware from a manufacturer that also uses forks.

Amazon’s own hardware would also run games, according to previous rumors. Just like the Kickstarter project Ouya, this would involve Android games. Amazon declined to comment. Earlier there were also rumors that Apple and Google are working on their own consoles based on their mobile operating systems. So far, no concrete release dates are known. It could also be that these are projects that never lead to a product.