Amazon presents security camera Cloud Cam

Amazon has presented its first security camera. In addition to the Cloud Cam itself, the web store will also sell subscriptions, with which users can watch videos from longer ago and with which the detection of people will be possible.

The Cloud Cam is a home security camera that records videos in 1080p with a 120-degree angle of view. There are eight infrared LEDs for visibility in the dark. There are also a speaker and a microphone in the Cloud Cam. The camera measures 104x62x60mm and weighs 142g.

Amazon will also sell subscriptions in combination with the camera. For prices between $6.99 and $19.99, users get access to people detection and multiple cameras in the same home can work together. With the free version, up to three cameras can be connected and that goes up to ten with the most expensive subscription. In addition, visual material will remain available for longer for customers with a paid subscription.

The Cloud Cam is also mandatory with the new Key service, which allows users to access their home remotely. Connection to home networks is via 802.11g/n, but WiFi-ac does not support the Cloud Cam. The Cloud Cam will be released in the United States on November 8 for $119.99. There are also sets per two or per three, where the price per copy is lower; for example, the set of three costs $289. Nothing is known about a release in Europe at the moment.