Amazon makes CoPilot alternative CodeWhisperer for AWS widely available

Amazon makes code AI CodeWhisperer generally available. A free tier will also be available for individual programmers. CodeWhisperer is the counterpart of GitHub’s CoPilot and works with AWS, among others.

The tools are according to Amazon widely available to all users on Thursday, after being available only as a beta for AWS users. The tool can now also be used by users who are not customers of AWS. A free tier will be available for individual programmers. In addition, there is a tier for business users. The Professional version distinguishes itself partly in additional functionality such as single sign-on management, but also with improved security scanning of code.

CodeWhisperer is Amazon’s counterpart to GitHub’s CoPilot. The tool can be linked to various IDEs and then make suggestions and improvements to code. CodeWhisperer can be used in VSC and IntelliJ, among others, but it can also be added to AWS tools such as Cloud9, Lambda and of course S3.

Amazon is also expanding the number of programming languages. In the beta period, CodeWhisperer only worked with Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript and C#, but now Go, Rust, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin, C and C++ and SQL are added. The tool can also write code for shells. CodeWhisperer scans for the ten most common Owasp vulnerabilities. In addition, CodeWhisperer automatically flags code that resembles specific open source training data.