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Amazon launches Alexa for hotel rooms

Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, quickly provides people with the information they need. Reading the news, operating your smartphone with your voice, putting the alarm or putting on the TV; Alexa arranges it for you.

Now Amazon also comes with ‘Alexa for Hospitality’ where Alexa is specially set up for hotel rooms. Guests in a hotel or holiday home can use their speech devices in the room via speakers. Something too warm in the room? Then you ask Alexa if she can lower the temperature. Room service can also be requested with a voice command.

Alexa for Hospitality

The hotel chain Marriott International will be the first to use the system this summer. The hotel staff is going to get quieter there, because Alexa can take some tasks out of your hands here and there. Guests can play music, order towels, request local restaurants or places of interest, and check out. Amazon indicates that the advantage of this is that hotel staff can then focus more on the interaction with guests. They then have to focus less on routine tasks.

Multiple devices

Hotels can easily request multiple Alexa devices and connect them to a central control panel. Hundreds of devices can be connected to the central panel. The settings can be adjusted, such as the volume. Devices can also be reset if there are new guests. Hotels can completely customize the Alexa speakers as desired with the different skills of Alexa.

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