Amazon is no longer taking on new AWS customers from Russia and Belarus

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Amazon no longer accepts customers from Russia and Belarus for Amazon Web Services. The company says it is taking that step in view of the “ongoing situation in Russia and Ukraine”, which refers to the current war. Amazon is taking a number of other measures.

Amazon says that in addition to this measure, it has also decided to stop supplying retail products to customers in Russia and Belarus. Also, new third-party sellers from those countries will no longer be accepted.

In addition, access to the Prime Video streaming service will be closed to customers in Russia and Russian orders for the New World game will no longer be completed. New World is the only game that Amazon sells directly in Russia.

It also stresses that “unlike some other US technology providers,” there are no Amazon and AWS data centers, infrastructure, or offices in Russia. Amazon says it has a long-term policy of not doing business with the Russian government.

With these steps, Amazon joins a long line of Western tech companies that decide to turn their backs on Russia. For example, Microsoft previously stopped selling all services and products in Russia. Samsung recently also decided to do this and Apple also stopped selling products.

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