Amazon appears to be working on a quantum computer

Amazon is working on its own quantum computer, according to Bloomberg. The company is looking for scientists to develop and make a quantum device. Amazon follows competitors such as Google and Microsoft.

Amazon has a vacancy online for a technician who has to develop quantum hardware and make a device for it. The engineer will work at the Amazon Web Services Center for Quantum Computing in the United States. The person seeking the company must have experience with semiconductor processes.

Bloomberg also points to the job description of a former employee of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who is now developing and building a quantum computer for Amazon Web Services at Amazon. According to Bloomberg, this is a quantum computer with qubits based on superconductivity. Amazon has not yet confirmed the development of a quantum computer itself.

Quantum computers owe their great computing power to the use of qubits, which can represent both a 0 and a 1. The state of ‘superposition’ means that the number of different values ​​can be exponentially greater than the number of qubits and that can entail great parallel computing power for a limited number of applications.

Various parties worldwide are working on a quantum computer. Google and IBM also use qubits based on superconductivity and Intel is also working on a quantum processor based on this technique. Microsoft opts for an experimental technique based on majorana quasiparticles.