AirPods Pro fit testing

One of the biggest differences between the AirPods Pro and the original AirPods is that the Pros come with silicone caps in your ears. This keeps them better in your ear. But how do you know if you are using the right caps? In this iTip you can read how to test the AirPods Pro fit.

AirPods Pro fit

But how do you know which caps are best for you? Apple has developed a cool Fit Test for this. How does this work? Connect the AirPods Pro to your iPhone. In the Settings app, go to “Bluetooth”, tap the i’tje behind your AirPods Pro and choose “Fit test”.

Put the AirPods Pro in your ears and start the test. You hear music and a count later you are already done. You can immediately see if your left and right AirPod is positioned correctly. Is that not the case? Or do you not like the caps? Replace the caps and try the test again. It may well be that other sizes fit well.

Change the AirPods Pro caps

The AirPods Pro come with three sizes of earplugs: S, M and L. They are made of silicone and you simply snap them into place, after which they mold to your ears. As a result, they remain firmly in place and close well, which benefits noise reduction.

The change is just fiddling, but not particularly complicated. Pull back the front of the cap, put your nail behind the small cut-out and rock the cap of the AirPod. You can easily push another cap back into its place.

Buy new ear tips

The silicone caps are firmly attached, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. These caps are susceptible to dirt and earwax. Fortunately, you can easily replace them and this does not cost you a rib. On the American Apple site you can find – via the service department – the new caps – ear tips – for $ 3.95.

Which should I have?

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