AH has less prepackaged cheese on the shelves due to hack at transport company

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Albert Heijn is struggling with delivery problems of pre-packaged cheese to its branches because transport company Bakker Logistiek was the victim of a hack last weekend. It hit the warehouse’s automation system.

Albert Heijn customers who were planning to buy prepackaged cheese run the risk of finding empty shelves in the stores. AH warns that there is limited availability due to ‘a logistical failure’. Inquiries at AH yield no more information than what is stated on the website: “The logistics service provider is working with all its might to solve the problem.”

That service provider turns out to be Bakker Logistics. This company from Zeewolde was the target of a hack last weekend, broadcaster Flevoland reports. The hack was discovered on Monday and did not affect Tuesday’s deliveries, but did affect Wednesday and Thursday deliveries. Since the automation system no longer works, everything has to be done manually. Bakker Logistics hopes to have the consequences of the hack undone by next week.

Details about the hack were not disclosed and Bakker was unable to answer questions about it on Friday. For example, it is unclear whether it concerns ransomware, from which companies and other organizations have suffered many attacks in recent years and which can have major consequences for business operations.

Warehouse Bakker Logistics in Zeewolde, photo: Bakker Logistics

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