Adobe releases Premiere Pro and Audition betas for Macs with Apple M1-soc

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Adobe has released beta versions of Premiere Pro and Audition for Arm computers. The software therefore runs without emulation on the new Mac computers with the Apple M1 chip. The Arm versions still lack some features and contain several bugs.

Adobe has focused on support for the core features and workflows of Premiere Pro and Audition in the first beta releases, the company reports on its website. The company also provides the beta version of Premiere Pro with support for video codecs such as H.264, HEVC and ProRes. More advanced features such as multicam support are also supported in the Arm version of the software. The company also shows some benchmarks, comparing performance against two MacBook Pro laptops with Intel CPUs.

Benchmarks of Adobe Premiere Pro on an Apple MacBook Pro with M1-soc. Image via Adobe

The company itself states that the average user will see ‘little difference’ with the x86 version of Premiere Pro, although accompanying software such as Media Encoder and After Effects do not work without emulation on Apple M1 chips. The Apple M1 version of Premiere can communicate with the x86 versions of Media Encoder and After Effects.

Also third party plug-ins are not yet supported in the video editing software. The Premiere Pro beta also contains several bugs, including one that causes the software to crash when a user clicks the tool selector via the touchbar of a Macbook Pro.

Audition also supports many features for Apple M1 systems. Also, the company speaks of performance improvement when performing many editing functions. The software still lacks support for MP3 files and third-party plug-ins and vst effects, among other things.

The beta software is available to all Creative Clouds users with an Apple M1 system. These are the recently announced Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Users can also still run the x86 version with emulation. Previously, Adobe also released a beta version of Photoshop for Arm devices. That software worked on Mac computers with Apple M1 chip and Windows devices with Snapdragon soc. The Premiere Pro and Audition betas currently only work on Apple devices with M1-soc.

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