Adobe releases Photoshop release for Macs with Apple M1 soc

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Adobe has released the Arm version of Photoshop for Mac computers with Apple M1 socs. The software has been available in beta since last year, but is now rolling out to all Adobe CC users with an Apple M1 device.

The native Apple M1 version of Photoshop will be available immediately. Adobe claims that “various features” within the new M1 software version performs up to one and a half times better than x86 Photoshop on “similarly equipped” systems of the previous generation. Adobe further states that performance will be further optimized in the future.

The company says that some features from the x86 build of Photoshop are not yet available in the Apple M1 version. According to Adobe, this mainly concerns functions that have recently been added to the photo editing software. The company cites the “Invite to Edit” feature for cloud documents and preset syncing as examples of missing features. Users with an Apple M1 system who need these features can still use the x86 build via Rosetta 2 emulation.

Adobe is also releasing two new features for the iPad version of Photoshop. Users can now view cloud document version history. “Because cloud documents are automatically saved, each document also has a version history. Users can view up to 60 days of this version history and restore old version.” Old versions of documents can also be bookmarked, so that they remain permanently available. Photoshop for iPad users can also access cloud documents offline with the latest version.

Image via Adobe

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