Adobe brings full version Photoshop to the iPad

Finally! Adobe has announced at its conference, Adobe Max, that it will bring the full version of Photoshop to the iPad in 2019. The complete user interface, including the toolbar and all tools, is prepped for the iPad. The big advantage of this is that you do not have to get used to a new interface if you switch between devices and operating systems.

Open PSDs on the iPad

In the new version you can directly download PSD files Open the iPad and edit with the same tools you also have on the large computers. Layers and layer effects are fully supported according to the presentation. The only small limitation to the desktop version is that you do not have floating Photoshop panels. You can find this in a fixed sidebar on the right. Of course you can also finish projects with which you started on the iPad on the computer and vice versa. For seamless synchronization, however, you need Creative Cloud from Adobe, although we personally expect that a subscription to that service is still required to use Photoshop on the iPad.

Full Photoshop on the iPad

According to Adobe Photoshop uses the same code as the iPad desktop version, without having to compromise on performance and processing results. However, we expect that this only applies to the latest iPads. On older iPads, Photoshop will be slightly slower than on the computer.

Even more apps

In addition, Adobe presented another app during the Max conference. This now has the title ‘Project Gemini’. That is a new sign app that will also come to the iPad in 2019. The app mimics drawing with old-fashioned drawing tools such as water and oil paint. Thanks to the ‘dynamic brushes’, watercolor paints realistically on the digital paper; oil paint becomes thicker the stronger you press your finger or Apple Pencil on the screen. When you mix colors, the same combinations are created as in real life. In addition, Gemini can handle vector graphics.

Speaking about this: Adobe Illustrator remains exclusively for Mac and PC. An iPad version has not announced Adobe. Maybe at next year’s conference.