Activision: CoD Warzone and Cold War may no longer fit on PS4 with 500GB

Activision warns that the full versions of Modern Warfare, Warzone and Black Ops Cold War with all modes and packs installed may take up too much storage space for the 500GB PS4. Users may need to delete unused content.

Activision says on its own blog that players who have these games installed on a PlayStation 4 with a standard 500GB hard drive may need to make room. The publisher recommends that these players must remove certain unused content in order to download and install the Thursday release patch for the second season for Warzone. Activision provides further guidance on which content should be removed. The company underlines that players with potential storage issues may choose not to download the Warzone download if they are only playing the Call of Duty game Black Ops Cold War released last year.

Complaints have been made for some time about the ever-increasing storage space that the recent Call of Duty games require, which increases significantly due to the various updates. This is also a problem on the PC. Activision released another Modern Warfare patch for PC last year to address these issues. That patch made it possible to remove several game modes, so that the entire game installation can be made smaller. For example, the campaign can be removed if players are only interested in Warzone, the battle royale mode of Modern Warzone. The storage space of Modern Warfare released in 2019 alone was already at 250GB in October last year, while Activision said a year earlier that players should keep 175GB of free storage space.

Another thorn in the side for some players is the required disk space that must be kept free for a patch that only takes up a fraction of that space. An editor from Eurogamer reports that he has already downloaded the patch for the second season on his PS5. That patch takes up 17GB, but the patch could only be downloaded when the SSD in his PS5 had 107GB of free space. In his case, that meant that he had to delete games first in order to start the download.

The second season seems to introduce zombies in Warzone, among other things. At least for Black Ops Cold War that’s for sure, in the form of the new Outbreak mode that promises zombie fights on a very large scale. Furthermore, Black Ops Cold War will get new multiplayer modes and several new multiplayer playing fields, complemented by new operators, weapons and vehicles.