A robot that makes cocktails for you, sounds good!

Bartenders beware! Although you can still have such nice moves with a cocktail shaker and liquor bottles, you too are replaceable by robots! The bartenders against the robots, who wins?

Yanu the robot-bartender

Yanu is a kind of robotic arm that can do many tasks that a real bartender performs. He can hold glasses, open bottles, make drinks and take money. In the chaotic existence of bartenders, arms are never enough. That is why a robot can work faster.

The creators also show that Yanu can not do everything that real bartenders can. It is therefore primarily intended to light up bars where many people come. The robot is made on the basis of Artificial Intelligence.

Cocktail shakers

First comes a prototype and somewhere in the next six months the robot will be available. There is already a robot that can shake cocktails, the Makr Shakr. Yanu can not make 120 cocktails per hour, but is more versatile in the tasks that he can perform.

There is a drawback to these cocktail-shaking robots. Who should we tell our story to on Saturday night at the bar when we wait for our drink? And can not we give our number to the nice bartender? This will not be up for a long time, because the robots can not do what bartenders can do: make drinks and talk at the same time!