A Christmas present every day on the App Store

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It’s (almost) Christmas and that should be celebrated! Especially for this occasion, Apple will be giving away gifts in the iOS App Store in the coming days.

6 days christmas

From Tuesday, December 24 to Sunday, December 29, Apple will prepare a surprise for you every day. So check the App Store every day for a new gift. At the moment, the promotion is not yet directly on the main page of the App Store, but you can get there via direct links to the App Store (see later in this post).

The action is a bit reminiscent of the old 12 Days of Christmas. In addition, you received free apps, books and songs from the Apple Stores every day for 12 days – at the time you still had to download a special app, now that is not necessary and it goes directly via the App Store.

Christmas Gift App Store: Meh.

Of course you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but the first gifts are a bit disappointing. This is how you get in a Looney Tunes game 60 percent off on a specific in-app purchase. And in the app canvas you can subscribe for three months for the price of one. And six days of Christmas instead of twelve is of course a bit of a shame. Anyway: the promotion has barely started, so who knows, maybe Apple will come up with something really interesting. So keep an eye out though!

Source: MacRumors

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