Candy Crush is still immensely popular

Candy Crush has been a popular game for so long that you would almost forget that it still exists. Most people have been using other games on their mobile for a long time, but there are still 285 million people playing the game every month, according to the figure of current owner Activision-Blizzard. Or yes, they have 285 million monthly users in total. So there is also something of their other mobile games, but the lion’s share will still be for Candy Crush.

King, the maker of Candy Crush, continues to do very well in the mobile gaming world. The reason for this is that they pay close attention to their advertising business: according to Activision the advertisements in the Candy Crush games are extremely well watched and remembered by the players, which increases the value of advertising within that game. and thus more can be earned. The quality of the game, that is obviously not talked about in figures, but if you can hold so many players for so long, it is psychologically well-founded in any case.

The rest of the numbers

Activision-Blizzard is, of course, more known for Call of Duty and World of Warcraft than the King-games, but the turnover at King was more than half a billion (with 190 million profit) dollar, while at Activision itself “only” 312 million dollars (with 92 million profit) was made. Honest is fair: they also had to get it all with only a very small number of games, mainly Call of Duty: WWII and the flopped Destiny 2 . Then it is not too bad, actually.
Blizzard is doing a bit better: he raised 480 million dollars with games like Hearthstone, Overwatch and of course WoW but made only a meagre 122 million dollar profit on. All in all, however, it is still good news: the company made half a billion profit, which is a bit more than the 426 they made last year. We can, therefore, expect more prosecutions on their successful series in the coming years.