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The AVG is coming

In preparation since 2012, ready in 2016 and effective from 25 May: the general data protection regulation has been a long time coming, but in less than a week the time has come. “At last”, some will think. For others, the AVG may be postponed for several years. However you think about it, it is important to know what changes this European legislation entails, except that you receive a lot of mail about new conditions and you suddenly have to give permission for everything. That is why we are going to talk about the most important parts of the AVG; what exactly can you do as a citizen and what does the law mean for organizations? It is the intention that after reading our overview you will be covered and you can assert your rights while you are aware of the obligations of companies.

The AVG, gdpr privacy regulation or whatever you want to call it, is meant to align the privacy legislation of all European member states as closely as possible. In addition to many unchanged parts, there are also new elements, for example the right to take your data with you to another service provider, or in some cases sky-high fines that regulators can impose. We will also pass this review on.
There is still a lot unclear about the new rules, which manifests itself in the question ‘whether you are already AVG-ready’. We see large tech companies, perhaps usual suspects for regulators, preparing for the coming changes. The same applies to smaller organizations. In the run-up to 25 May, much has happened in the field of privacy, such as the events surrounding Cambridge Analytica, which put Facebook in the center of attention. The question is to what extent the AVG will be able to make a fist against large data companies and regain control over our data. It will undoubtedly be exciting times for the protection of privacy: one of our fundamental rights.


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