9 reasons to go for the popular iPhone XR (adv)


The hugely popular iPhone XR is available from today at T-Mobile! Analysts predict that this entry-level model will be the most popular iPhone this year – and we believe that right away. We give 9 good reasons to choose the iPhone XR:

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Starting today, the iPhone XR is available from T-Mobile. Of the three new iPhones that Apple presented in September, this is the cheapest variant. Despite the relatively low price tag, it looks like the more expensive iPhone XS (Max), which makes the iPhone particularly attractive. These are the reasons to switch to the iPhone XR:

1. The iPhone XR is much cheaper

If you are looking for a modern, but affordable iPhone, you can not get around the iPhone XR. The sharp subscriptions of T-Mobile make the iPhone XR a few hundred euros cheaper than the iPhone XS Max. These are the prices:

  • iPhone XR (64 GB): € 51 / month.
  • iPhoneXR (128 GB): € 53 / month.
  • Phone (265 GB): € 57 / month.[19659010] 2. The design is stylish and modernThe XR may be an entry-level model, but the device has the appearance of a high-end smartphone. When it comes to design, it looks like two drops on the iPhone X and iPhone XS (Max). The front of the stylish iPhone almost exclusively consists of a screen and at the top there is a notch for the advanced TrueDepth camera.

    3. He has a super-large screen

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    After the iPhone XS Max, the XR is the iPhone with the biggest screen! The diagonal of the LCD screen is 6.1 inches, which is considerably larger than the older iPhones with a fingerprint scanner. These were available in screen sizes of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. And because the device is almost borderless, it is otherwise along with the size. With a length of 150.9 millimeters, it is smaller than the iPhone Plus models.

    4. A very good camera

    Unlike the iPhone XS, the XR has a single camera lens. But that single camera is very cool. While portrait photography was previously reserved for iPhones with a dual camera, the iPhone XR can shoot those cool portrait photos, blurring the background. You can also adjust the depth of field afterwards. And the iPhone also supports the new Smart HDR, which ensures beautiful exposed photos.

    5. It is super fast

    The iPhone XR is equipped with the brand new A12 Bionic chip, which is also in the flagship. The first tests show that the chip is almost as powerful as a modern desktop computer. This means that opening apps, playing games and editing photos or videos is very fluent.

    6. The XR has the best battery ever

    Do you have to charge your iPhone a few times a day? Then with the iPhone XR is a thing of the past. There has never been an iPhone battery that lasts so long. If you do not do crazy things, you have more than enough to get the end of the day on one charge.

    7. You unlock the iPhone with your face

     Face ID flipped

    Unlocking is done with Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition technology. That way you unlock your iPhone super fast – and it is even safer. This enables the advanced TrueDepth camera system, which can see depth.

    8. You can release with emojis and memojis

    The TrueDepth camera is not just for Face ID; he also makes all kinds of cool applications with augmented reality possible. This means, for example, that you can release with the Animoji’s and Memoji’s from Apple, who imitate your facial expressions.

    9. It is available in all kinds of cheerful colors

     iPhone Xr colors

    The iPhone XS is available in three colors, with the iPhone XR there are six! In addition to white and black you can go for the cheerful shades of blue, yellow, coral and red.

    Because the iPhone XR is particularly popular, there is a chance that it will quickly go through the stock. Order the iPhone XR quickly at T-Mobile!