Wiko View Prime – Affordable phone with extended screen

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High-end features of top smartphones are slowly trickling down to cheaper devices. Usually that takes a while and sometimes it goes quite fast. In the case of the Wiko View series that the manufacturer presented at the IFA electronics fair, things are going pretty fast. Six months after the introduction of the LG G6, these Wiko devices also have an 18:9 screen ratio.

Wiko is not necessarily known for its innovative smartphones and that is why these devices caught our eye at IFA. It is interesting that a manufacturer such as Wiko, which usually makes not too ambitious devices, copies a feature of high-end smartphones. It happens more often, of course, but then the implementation is often a lot less good. Not much can go wrong in this case though, as a relatively larger screen is what it is and it doesn’t require overly complex programming to make it work properly.

Fashion model Height Width Screen size Relative screen size
Wiko View XL 158.1mm 76.5mm 5.99″ 76.56%
Wiko View Prime 152.3mm 72.8mm 5.7″ 75.62%
WikoView 151.3mm 73.1mm 5.7″ 75.71%
LG G6 148.9mm 71.9mm 5.7″ 78.6%
Although Wiko claims that the View smartphones have a screen-to-body ratio of 82 percent, that is not true. The actual relative screen size is around 76 percent. That is more than with smartphones with a 16:9 screen, but the screen edges are larger than with top models with an extended screen such as the Galaxy S8 or LG V30. They actually have a screen-to-body ratio of about 82 percent. Still, it’s nice to have a slightly longer screen, because more information can simply be displayed on the screen and videos with the correct aspect ratio are also nice to watch on such a screen. For example, Netflix has a lot of content with an 18:9 aspect ratio.

Wiko View Prime

During the hands-on session, we focused on the Wiko View Prime, because this is the device with the most luxury on board. For example, the View Prime has two front cameras. One of the front cameras has a viewing angle of 120 degrees, which you can use to take group photos. In addition to letting you choose which camera to use in camera mode, the camera can also automatically switch to widescreen selfie mode when it detects two heads. This did not immediately go very well, but the option is therefore somewhat superfluous if you can switch yourself with one tap. What is striking is that the primary front camera has a higher resolution than the camera on the back, namely twenty megapixels. Pixels obviously say nothing about quality and we’ve seen this a few times now; it rarely happens that the photo’

There is then a beauty mode and a portrait mode, which uses the depth information from the two cameras to create background blur. The latter did not work very well during our test session, but it is nice that it is on a device in this price range.

The camera on the back of the View Prime has sixteen megapixels and an aperture of f/2.0. The Prime has another striking feature in video mode and that is that you can draw a circle around someone to keep that person in focus. That in itself works, but it’s kind of strange that you can’t just tap the screen on the person you want to follow. For example, there are more things in the software that are a bit made with the French style, but we are fairly forgiving in this price range. This and other features are very gimmicky.

What is also positively striking about the Wiko View Prime are the very reasonable memory specs. For 269 euros you have 4GB of RAM and no less than 64GB of storage. You can save quite a few selfies with this. The speed of the View Prime was not huge and there are devices that are a bit faster for this price, such as the Moto G5 Plus. From printing photos to launching apps; we can and may all do it a little faster. But the device has a Snapdragon 430 and that is certainly not the fastest soc from Qualcomm.

The Wiko View Prime is not a groundbreaking device in many areas, but it is quite impressive that the manufacturer is so quick to come up with a large screen-to-bezel ratio in cheaper phones. Furthermore, the device has many gimmicks that are probably especially interesting for young people. It’s not the fastest device and it has quite a bit of bloatware, but it feels great in the hand, it’s fairly light and, at first glance, takes decent photos for its price range.

Fashion model WikoView Wiko View Prime Wiko View XL
Screen 5.7″ ips 5.7″ ips 5.99″ ips
Resolution 1440×720 pixels 1440×720 pixels 1440×720 pixels
Soc Snapdragon 425
4x Cortex-A53
Snapdragon 430
8x Cortex-A53
Snapdragon 425
4x Cortex-A53
Ram 3GB lpddr3 4GB lpddr3 3GB lpddr3
Storage 16/32GB emmc 64GB emmc 32GB emmc
Battery 2900mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh
Camera 13MP 16MP 13MP
Front camera 16MP 20MP+8MP 16MP
OS Android 7.1 Android 7.1 Android 7.1
MSRP €179/199 €269 €229
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