Version Magisk without MagiskHide and repo for modules appears

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Developer John Wu has released the new version of Magisk. It no longer contains MagiskHide, the feature to hide root access from apps. The repository for modules is also no longer in the app.

Magisk Canary changelog

Wu is stepping down from both positions due to his work at Google’s Android security arm, he previously wrote. The new version is a Canary test version and is the first in six months, according to Wu. MagiskHide poses a conflict of interest because he works for Android security at Google. According to the developer, it’s easy for someone else to create a module that takes over from MagiskHide.

The new version also includes Zygisk’s first implementation, Magisk in Zygote, a process within Android that enables shared code between processes. In addition, the new release brings support for Android 12, although the most recent version can also do its job on the new Android release. The most recent stable version of Magisk is 23.0. Magisk is the most popular tool to gain root access on Android devices.

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