Telenet and Fluvius to connect Flemish households to fiber optic

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Telecom provider Telenet and grid operator Fluvius have entered into a definitive partnership to bring fiber optic connections to Flemish households. The goal is to provide 78 percent of Flanders with a fiber-to-the-home connection by 2038.

The two companies are setting up a joint venture called NetCo for this. Telenet will have a 66.8 percent share in this and Fluvius will take a 33.2 percent stake, the companies write in a press release. The companies expect to invest two billion euros in the collaboration and in the construction of the connections. The aim of the partnership is to convert the existing hybrid fiber-coax network into a fiber-to-the-home network. NetCo wants to provide 78 percent of Flemish households with such a connection by 2038.

The company will also provide the existing hfc network with Docsis, although it does not provide much further details. It concerns the hfc networks that, for whatever reason, cannot be replaced by fiber optics.

It was already imminent that Fluvius and Telenet would work together on the project. In October last year, the companies already signed a non-binding agreement. It is now finalized.