Flemish streaming platform VRT NU will become VRT MAX this fall

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VRT NU, the streaming platform of the Belgian Dutch-language public broadcaster VRT, will be given a new name this fall: VRT MAX. Through the name change, the management wants to avoid name confusion and reach more Flemish people. An exact date has not been communicated.

The CEO of the VRT, Frederik Delaplace, explains that confusion had arisen between VRT NU, the name of the streaming platform, and VRT NWS, the name of the public broadcaster’s news service. The announced name change is part of a large-scale renewal operation by the VRT that should make the public broadcaster better known in Flanders from this autumn, especially among young people.

The streaming service will soon also have a separate ‘safe zone’ for children. It is not clear what titles or content that zone will contain. The management of the public broadcaster is also considering adding live streams of cultural performances and on-demand titles to the streaming platform’s offer.

Delaplace also states that the negotiations between the VRT and the Flemish streaming platform Streamz will be restarted. The man says that the public broadcaster “has every interest” in working together and thus “strengthening” the opportunities of the entire Flemish media sector. It is not clear what the purpose of the negotiations with Streamz is.

The VRT introduced its online video platform VRT NU in January 2017. Via the platform, Belgians can watch television programs from one, Canvas and Ketnet for free via the internet, live or postponed. VRT NU also offers films, series and content from the public broadcaster itself. According to the VRT, a video was started on the platform 142 million times last year. About 800,000 Flemish people visit the platform every month.