Technology websites Hexus and bit-tech shut down and founder David Ross leaves

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British tech website Hexus stops publishing. Founder David Ross is pulling the plug on the site, because he thinks it’s time for a new challenge. He also leaves bit-tech modding site. The sites and forums remain online, and two editors from Hexus start a new news site. was founded 23 years ago by the then sixteen-year-old Ross as a game blog during his high school days. The site grew into a hardware site and became a professional technology news site for several years. Hexus writes about tech, gaming, tech companies and writes technology reviews. Moddingsite bit-tech mainly writes about hardware modding and PC hardware.

Originally, Hexus was intended as a ‘side project’, Ross writes, and to give the impression to his parents that he was doing his homework. Instead, he wrote about tech for years, from the early days of the internet. “Hexus has now become the cornerstone of my life. I’m putting an end to it,” Ross writes in a news report. In recent years, Hexus has published 148,579 stories.

In a separate news item, Ross says goodbye to bit-tech. In it he says that the forums and the site will remain ad-free online, but that he is saying goodbye. Hexus will also remain online for the time being, as will the Hexus forum. Editors Tarinder Sandru and Parm Mann of Hexus are starting a new tech website together.

Users respond with pride and melancholy on the Hexus forum. Many users did not see the end of the site coming, but wish Ross the best of luck with new challenges. Some users have been involved in the forum from the beginning.

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