TCL also releases new LCD TVs with mini LED backlight in Europe

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TCL presents new LCD TVs with a mini LED backlight and will also release them in Europe. According to the manufacturer, the TVs achieve a brightness of 1800cd/m², partly because there is no gap between the backlight and the screen.

The third generation of TCL are LCD TVs with mini LED backlight using so-called OD Zero technology. That is the name that the manufacturer gives to the combination of the screen and the backlight, which consists of ‘thousands of LEDs’. According to TCL, the space between the LEDs and the screen is ‘0 mm’, which makes thin TVs possible.

TCL has not yet given detailed details about TV models, but mentions, among other things, the arrival of 8k TVs with mini LED backlight, including an 85″ variant. 4k models with the same technology will also appear. TCL’s mini LED TVs use LCD panels and a backlight with quantum dots, or qled technology.

TCL has already released a few models in Europe, but the brand is mainly active in the United States. TCL writes on its European website that the new mini LED TVs will also appear in Europe at the end of the first quarter. The manufacturer says it will announce more details when the products are officially introduced for Europe.

More than two thousand dimmable zones

In a video, TCL explains that the TVs with OD Zero technology achieve a maximum brightness of 1800cd/m² and that there are more than two thousand dimmable zones. It is not known how many LEDs the TVs use for the backlight.

In the film, TCL also demonstrates a rollable printed 17″ OLED screen from screen manufacturer TCL CSOT. The company wants to use such a rollable screen in products in the long term, but no concrete announcement has been made for the time being.

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