5 Most Common Mobile Programming Languages

There is an increasing demand for software developers and computer scientists worldwide as new technologies continue to evolve. Moreover, there is increased competition in the field as many people have been entering. If you want to be in the field of Computer Science, you need to have a robust understanding of programming languages. If you’re … Read more

British government fined 590,000 euros for leaking address list

The British privacy watchdog ICO has imposed a fine of 590,000 euros on the British government. In 2019, the government had accidentally published a list of the addresses of 1097 people. The ICO writes that the government has “failed to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of people’s information.” According … Read more

Apple warns users if they are targeted by spyware like Pegasus

Apple will notify users if the tech company detects that their device is infected with spyware. Apple writes that it is specifically about very sophisticated attacks, which are carried out by states or government agencies Apple announces on its website that users will now receive a notification if they have become a target of espionage. … Read more

NASA restores much-used instrument from Hubble telescope

NASA managed to reactivate Wide Field Camera 3 on Sunday. It is the second component the space agency has been able to activate since the space telescope went into safe mode on October 25. NASA writes that it has managed to reactivate the Wide Field Camera 3. According to NASA, this camera is the most … Read more

UK to investigate Nvidia ARM acquisition in depth

The UK’s Digital Secretary wants the Competition and Markets Authority to launch a deeper investigation into Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm. In addition to reducing competition, which the CMA previously warned, the minister fears for national security. Minister Nadine Dorries wants the CMA to now start a so-called Phase Two investigation into the acquisition of Arm, … Read more

YouTube is going to hide the number of dislikes on videos

Google will now hide the number of dislikes on all YouTube videos. The company does this to prevent “targeted dislike attacks and bullying” on the platform. The dislike button itself will remain available. According to Google, the change will gradually be rolled out to all YouTube users from Wednesday. After the adjustment, the number of … Read more

Tesla enables live streaming of Sentry Mode camera images for iOS users

Tesla has released an update that makes it possible to stream Sentry Mode camera images live to an iOS device. The feature is not yet available to Android app users and was included in the ‘Premium Connectivity’ plan. With version 2021.36.8 of the built-in Tesla software, users can stream live images from the built-in Autopilot … Read more

Blizzard postpones planned BlizzConline event for early 2022

Blizzard has decided to postpone the upcoming BlizzConline event for the time being. Following on from the first edition, which took place in February this year, this fully digital event should have taken place sometime early next year, but that schedule has not been realized. In a post, Blizzard says it is “pausing” this schedule … Read more

Hubble space telescope in safe mode due to technical problems

The Hubble Space Telescope has been in safe mode since Monday evening due to technical problems. The research being done using the telescope has been halted. NASA is currently investigating what’s going on. On Twitter reports NASA that the telescope has put itself in safe mode after there were “synchronization problems with the telescope’s internal … Read more