‘TCL will start mass production OLED panels based on inkjet production process in 2024’

The Chinese manufacturer TCL would start mass production of large OLED panels in 2024, which are manufactured on the basis of an inkjet production process. Chinese media write this on the basis of statements made by a TCL manager. According to a TCL manager, the aforementioned production line is currently being prepared and progress is … Read more

TCL may show qd-oled TV based inkjet production process in September 2021

TCL has announced that it may exhibit a television with a quantum dot OLED panel during next year’s IFA fair. It would then have been made using an inkjet printing method. The product development director of TCL for the European market, Marek Maciejewski, says that such a television may be shown at next year’s Berlin … Read more

Eizo introduces 4k monitor with printed 21.6″ OLED panel from Joled

The Japanese manufacturer Eizo has presented a 4k OLED monitor. The 21.6″ panel comes from manufacturer Joled, which uses its own printing technology for this. Asus previously released a monitor with this panel. The Eizo Foris Nova is a 21.6″ OLED monitor with a 4k resolution that, according to the manufacturer, is mainly intended for … Read more

3D print technique and material for running shoes

Nike yesterday launched for the first time a 3D print technique and material for running shoes: the Flyprint. This enables Nike to convert athletes’ data into new textile configurations. This way they can achieve enormously performance-oriented running shoes to make the fastest athletes even faster. How does it work? The development process of the Flyknit … Read more

Sony and Panasonic to jointly develop OLED TV panels

Sony and Panasonic will jointly develop OLED panels and modules for use in TVs and larger displays. The organic material is applied via printing technology, instead of the vapor deposition method of current OLED screens. Last month, the Japanese newspaper Nikkei already reported that Sony and Panasonic were in talks about a collaboration in the … Read more

New OLED printing technology enables 500ppi OLED display

Sony unveiled a new printing technology for OLED displays in a technical paper at the SID 2012 display fair. With the offset printing technology, according to Sony, a pixel density of 500ppi can be achieved. Based on Oled Info, Sony’s OLED offset printing technology uses the so-called slit coating method to deposit a coating of … Read more