Best Series of Each Streaming Plataform to Watch on 2022

The year 2022 is knocking at the door and you still don’t know which series to watch in the new year? So check out the main releases of each streaming platform for 2022 and be surprised by the great productions. For 2022 we can expect the release of good productions and the completion of some … Read more

Employee appears to have hacked and extorted Ubiquiti

It appears that an employee is responsible for the hack at Ubiquiti in January this year. The American Public Prosecution Service has arrested a man who hacked and extorted his own employer and the circumstances indicate that it is Ubiquiti. The 36-year-old man used a Surfshark VPN subscription to mask his personal data, the US … Read more

Head of Instagram to testify before US Senate about effect on teenagers

Instagram head Adam Mosseri will testify in front of a section of the US Senate for the first time. The hearing will take place in two weeks and will discuss the effect of Instagram on mainly younger users. According to parent company Meta, Mosseri will mainly talk about the steps Instagram is taking to reduce … Read more

Poison app Phhhoto, which was discontinued in 2017, is suing Facebook with claims of copying

Phhhhoto’s founders have sued Facebook for violating US competition law. The founders claim that Facebook pretended to buy Phhhoto, but secretly pushed the app out of the market. Phhhhoto let users create gifs. Facebook allegedly held talks with Phhhoto in February 2015 about “integrating” the app into the app’s News Feed, the founders of Phhhoto … Read more

Google wants to bid for US defense contract despite employee protests

Google is preparing a proposal to win a defense contract in the US. A few years ago, employees protested strongly against the move to do so, and then the company abandoned it. Google is now preparing a bid for the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract, The New York Times reports. It is the same contract … Read more

Customer sues Canon for disabling scan function when printer ink runs out

A New Yorker has filed a class action lawsuit against Canon because the company allegedly disables scanning and faxing when the printer’s ink runs out. According to the chief prosecutor, an all-in-one printer must also be able to perform those functions without ink. Prosecutor David Leacraft represents at least a hundred and, he estimates, thousands … Read more

Failure of Russian thrusters temporarily pushed the ISS into a different position

The International Space Station unexpectedly rotated 57 degrees on its own axis last Friday as thrusters from a Russian Soyuz module burned for too long. There were no injuries and no one was in danger, according to the Russian space agency. The incident happened last Friday during a check of the Soyuz MS-18 module by … Read more

NYT: FIFA Wanted More Than Billion Dollars From EA Sports For Name Use

According to The New York Times, the football association FIFA wanted more than a billion dollars every four years from EA Sports for the license to use the FIFA name for the game series of the same name. EA would therefore consider changing the name. FIFA and EA Sports had been negotiating a license renewal … Read more

Facebook: Downtime was due to configuration error backbone routers

The hours-long downtime that Facebook and its services experienced Monday night was due to a change in the backbone routers for its data centers. There were already indications that the cause was a BGP update from Facebook. Facebook did not provide details about the configuration changes that led to the large-scale problems. The company does … Read more