Samsung introduces Lpddr5x and hints at new platform for VR and AR hardware

Samsung has developed a 16Gbit chip of Lpddr5x memory, with which Lpddr5x modules of up to 64GB can be made. Samsung says it will work with chip manufacturers on a ‘digital reality framework’, which includes the memory. The Lpddr5x memory has a speed of 8.5Gb/s and according to Samsung is 1.3x faster and 20 percent … Read more

Jedec publishes new specifications DDR5 standard with better performance

Standards organization Jedec has released an update for the existing DDR5 standard. The JESD79-5A DDR5 Sdram standard is mainly intended to increase the reliability and performance of DDR5. The new standard will be on sale to manufacturers from this week, the organization writes. JESD79-5A is an addition to the existing specification for the DDR5 memory … Read more

SK Hynix announces HBM3 memory with bandwidth of 819GB/s per module

SK Hynix has completed the development of its first HBM3 memory modules. This memory would offer a bandwidth of up to 819GB/s per module. That’s an improvement over HBM2E, which has a maximum bandwidth of 460GB/s. SK Hynix reports that it will offer HBM3 modules in two different capacities. The company comes with modules of … Read more

Micron invests 129 billion euros in memory development and production

Micron wants to invest more than 129 billion euros in the development of memory chips in the next ten years. This money should also be used to make new memory chips. The company is also considering building a new factory in the US. With the investment of more than $150 billion, Micron says it wants … Read more

Micron releases 4TB variant of Crucial MX500 SATA SSD

Micron is expanding its series of Crucial MX500 SATA SSDs with a 4TB variant. It is a 2.5″ SSD with a height of 7mm. Like the other MX500 versions, the 4TB SSD has a Silicon Motion controller and TLC Nand memory. Crucial MX500 4TB via ComputerBase On paper, the specifications of the 4TB version of … Read more

WSJ: Western Digital Wants to Acquire Kioxia for $20 Billion

Memory manufacturers Western Digital and Kioxia would like to merge. The two have been working together in a joint venture for decades. WD would like to pay for the merger with shares worth 20 billion dollars, converted about 17 billion euros. WD is in advanced talks with Kioxia, according to The Wall Street Journal. That … Read more

Rumor: RTX 3090 Super gets 21Gbit/s memory and 450W tgp

Nvidia is rumored to be coming this year with an RTX 3090 Super. The video card would have faster Gddr6x memory, consume more power and have slightly more CUDA cores than the regular model. Twitter user Kopite7kimi mentions the details of a GA102-350A1 GPU. According to the leaker, that might be used for a GeForce … Read more

Micron Releases PCIe 4.0 SSDs With Speed ​​Up To 6.6GB/s And Capacity Up To 2TB

Micron has announced a new generation of Crucial NVMe SSDs, the Crucial P5 Plus. The series of M.2 SSDs have a write speed of up to 6600MB/s, a read speed of up to 5GB/s and a storage capacity of 500GB, 1TB or 2TB. The new drives consist of 176-layer TLC-nan memory that Micron develops itself, … Read more

Micron begins delivery of 176-layer UFS 3.1 nand

Micron has started delivery of 176-layer UFS 3.1 nand for smartphones. The mobile memory offers higher bandwidth and lower latency and is more efficient than previous generations, the manufacturer claims. Micron is supplying 176-layer UFS 3.1 Nand memory in bulk for smartphone manufacturers to integrate into their upcoming high-end devices. The memory manufacturer mentions as … Read more