Software update: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

  Version 18.04 of Ubuntu Linux has been released, a version with extra long support. Twice a year a new version appears and the year and month of publication are the version number. Once every two years there will be a version that will not be updated for nine months but five years. Version 18.04 … Read more

Linux kernel 4.15 release delayed by ninth rc

The release of the new version of the Linux kernel, numbered 4.15, is delayed due to the ninth release candidate. Linus Torvalds assumes that this is the latter. A ninth version is not common. On the Linux kernel mailing list, Torvalds writes that he had planned to release the final version of the kernel on … Read more

‘Severe Intel bug patch significantly reduces software performance’

There is some evidence that Intel processors have a bug that allows access to protected kernel memory. The solution would lie in a page table isolation patch, but at least in Linux this can lead to a significant performance drop in certain applications. The vulnerability would affect multiple generations of Intel processors and require Windows, … Read more