Raspberry Pi OS gets supported legacy version based on Debian oldstable

Raspberry Pi is releasing an older version of Raspberry Pi OS for users who want stability for a longer period of time. Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) refers to the previous release based on Debian Buster-oldstable. Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) is always behind a Debian release: as soon as Debian Bookworm appears, Raspberry Pi with (Legacy) … Read more

AMD fixed 27 vulnerabilities in Graphics Driver for Windows 10

AMD has published a list of 27 vulnerabilities contained in the AMD Graphics Driver for Windows 10. 18 of them were assigned a high risk factor, while 9 vulnerabilities are categorized as medium risk. Updates have been released for the vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities, AMD said, could allow privilege escalation or a denial of service to … Read more

Fail0verflow recovers PlayStation 5 verification keys

Hacker group fail0verflow writes on Twitter that it has retrieved the root keys of the PS5. This would theoretically make it possible to run unauthorized software on the PS5 in the future, such as illegally obtained games or custom firmware. Fail0verflow poses on Twitter that it has “learned all of the PlayStation 5’s symmetric authentication … Read more

Red Hat Releases RHEL 9 Beta as First CentOS Downstream Release

Red Hat has released RHEL 9 in beta, the first version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux based on CentOS Stream. It runs on Linux kernel 5.14 and contains many new security features. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta is now available for everyone to download. For the first time, users no longer need to sign … Read more

Linux kernel 5.15 with new NTFS3 driver is out as lts release

Linux kernel 5.15 has been released. That version will be the new long-term support release and will be updated until at least October 2023. New to the kernel include the addition of the NTFS3 driver and the ksmbd driver for smb file systems. Lead developer Greg Kroah-Hartman writes that kernel version 5.15 will be the … Read more

Oculus Releases Software That Gives Go Users Root Access

Oculus has released an OS build for the Go headset, which is fully unlocked and provides root access. This allows users to run more of their own software on the headset. Oculus advisor John Carmack previously said this was coming. The software allows users to stop the Go’s bootloader from checking the signature of the … Read more

Microsoft is testing Windows 11 beta with Android app support

Microsoft has released a beta version of the Windows Subsystem for Android. This allows American members of the Windows Insider program to test Android apps on Windows 11. It is not known when the feature will be released for all users. Microsoft writes in a blog post that Windows insiders in the beta channel can … Read more

Linux 5.15 disables AMD SME feature by default due to boot issues

Version 5.15 of the Linux kernel disables the Secure Memory Encryption feature of certain AMD CPUs by default. The feature was previously enabled by default on supported CPUs, but would cause boot issues on Linux systems. According to Phoronix, SME has been enabled by default since support for the feature was added to the Linux … Read more

IOS 15 gets cracked twice during Chinese hacking competition

During the annual Chinese TianFu Cup, two research teams managed to exploit a vulnerability in iOS 15. Team PangU performed a remote jailbreak attack while Kunlun Lab performed a remote code execution via Safari in 15 seconds. On the first day of the annual TianFu Cup hacking competition, the team PangU managed to jailbreak an … Read more

Developers want to analyze Activision anti-cheat system after driver leak

The kernel driver for Activision’s new anti-cheat system Ricochet has appeared online and work is underway to reverse engineer the system. That claims Twitter account Anti-Cheat Police Department, which collects information in the field of online cheating. the twitterer shared two screenshots of the leaked driver. It shows that the ‘Activision Ricochet driver’ has been … Read more