Spotify hardware for in the car comes out later this year

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Spotify is reportedly releasing its voice-controlled media player in the car later this year. That’s what sources from the Financial Times say. The device had previously appeared in marketing material, presumably by accident. The device would cost $ 100.

The sources of The Financial Times also tell us that the device connects via bluetooth to the audio system of the car. However, where it in turn gets its data from is not clear. Perhaps the device has multipoint functionality for a simultaneous bt connection with the smartphone. Another possibility is that the device connects to mobile networks for its data, or that the player saves music in advance.

The device has hardware buttons whose functionality can be set, for example a specific playlist. The advantage of this is that the user does not have to take his eyes off the road to switch on a playlist, provided the button is set correctly. There is also support for voice commands, which are probably carried out in combination with Siri or Google Assistant.

The materials that Spotify showed to a handful of users in April , can be seen as concept designs. They give at least an idea of what Spotify wants to bring to the market. What is also striking is that the device is apparently bundled with an annual subscription to the service. Then the device costs $ 60.

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