Sony deploys additional transport planes to get PS5s in UK stores

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Sony has deployed additional transport planes in recent weeks to get Playstation 5 consoles onto UK store shelves. That writes The Sun. Via cargo variants of the Boeing 747, the company wants to avoid the long waiting times that transport by sea entails.

The British newspaper The Sun writes that three Boeing 747s have already landed, containing only Playstation 5 consoles for the British market, and two more incoming flights would follow. Each of these planes can carry about one hundred tons of goods on about fifty pallets. The Japanese manufacturer did not inform the newspaper exactly how many consoles are being supplied.

One of the inbound flights came from northwestern China, according to The Sun, and with such a flight, Sony would like to avoid the long delivery times of sea transport, according to game analyst Piers Harding-Rolls. Airlifts over this distance are usually avoided, according to Harding-Rolls, due to the high cost, but Sony would have done this at the end of last year, according to the man, to get as many consoles as possible on store shelves. It is not known whether Sony will also deploy additional transport aircraft to other locations.

At the end of last month, the Japanese manufacturer announced that it has sold 13.4 million units since the release of the PlayStation 5. Last quarter Sony sold 3.3 million consoles.

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