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Anonymous: 30372 reported that a new version of phpMyAdmin has been released. It’s already release candidate 4 in the meantime, so the final probably won’t be long in coming. phpMyAdmin is available in 6 flavors which you here can bring down. The changelog for version 2.3.0 looks like this:

Main changes/improvements for version 2.3.0:

Special note:
all the configuration variables are now specified using a new format, so if you want to use the new features, please start from the new distributed file.

Some improvements:

  • smaller pages, with menu, for table and db properties centralized db for support tables
  • can specify a different charset for MySQL and HTML utf-8 charset support
  • syntax coloring of SQL statements
  • schematic output in PDF format
  • operators in field selection
  • translation feedback page
  • print view for SQL results
  • EXPLAIN support
  • generate PHP code from a query
  • full database search
  • IP based Allow/Deny
  • foreign table display field
  • support for some MyISAM table options
  • XML export
  • query-by-example: automatic joins
  • faster table delete under MySQL 4
  • a new SQL parser has been merged, and will be used gradually to kill some bugs and improve the whole project consistency
  • new languages: slovenian, african (in final)

Some fixes:

  • CURDATE did not work in the function list
  • javascript error with Mozilla and Opera
  • a mysql error when dropping fields
  • alter table was not working on a replicate
  • bookmark error when the table no longer exists
  • bad limit of the number of characters for numeric fields
  • problem with headers in Apache 2

Version number 2.3.0-rc4
Website phpMyAdmin
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