Software Update: KeePassXC 2.7.3

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Version 2.7.3 of the open source password manager KeePassXC has been released. The program is a derivative of KeePass Password Safe and is being developed in C++ with Qt for the graphical part with which it offers a suitable appearance on Linux, macOS and Windows. KeePassXC allows accounts to be saved with all associated data such as username, password and URL. All data is securely stored in an AES, Twofish or ChaCha20 encrypted database. Furthermore, the program can automatically generate passwords and import and export lists. More information can be found at this page. The changelog for this release looks like this:


  • Enhance Tags Support and Add Saved Searches [#8435, #8607]
  • Significant improvements to entry preview panel [#7993]
  • Add password strength indicator to all password fields [#7885]
  • Limit zxcvbn entropy estimation length to 128 characters [#7748]
  • Try full URL path when fetching favicon [#8565]
  • Hide usernames in preview panel when hidden in entry view [#8608]
  • Enable dark title bar on windows when accent color is not used [#8498]
  • Add option to display passwords in color in preview panel [#7097]
  • Add XML Export option to GUI [#8524]
  • Increase entropy required for a “good” password rating to 75 [#8523]
  • Add shortcut to copy password with TOTP appended [#8443]
  • Show entry count in status bar [#8435]
  • Allow KeePassXC to be built without X11 [#8147]
  • Enable use of VivoKey Apex and Dangerous Things FlexSecure tokens [#8332]
  • Add setting for number of recent files [#8239]
  • Add Ctrl+Tab shortcut to cycle databases in unlock dialog [#8168]
  • Replace offensive words in eff_large.wordlist [#7968]
  • Auto-Type: PICKCHARS can specify attribute and ignore BEEP [#8118]
  • Linux: Add isHardwareKeySupported and refreshHardwareKeys to DBus methods [#8055]
  • Add config variable to specify default database file name [#8042]
  • Support numeric aware sorting on Windows and macOS [#8363]
  • CLI: Add db-edit command [#8400]
  • CLI: Add option to display all attributes with show command [#8256]
  • CLI: Show UUID and tags with show and clip commands [#8241]
  • Browser: Move socket into separate directory on Linux [#8030]
  • Browser: Add group setting to omit WWW subdomain when matching URLs [#7988]
  • FdoSecrets: Ask to unlock the database when creating items [#8022, #8028]
  • FdoSecrets: Skip entries in recycle bin when searching [#8021]


  • Fix potential deadlock in UI when saving [#8606]
  • Fix newlines when copying notes from preview panel [#8542]
  • Fix dark mode detection on Linux [#8477]
  • Fix crash when deleting items in recycle bin while searching [#8117]
  • Fix crash when trying to close database during unlock [#8144]
  • Fix tabbing around the interface [#8435, #8520]
  • Fix OPVault import when there are multiple OTP fields [#8436]
  • Fix various Windows Hello bugs [#8354]
  • Fix use of Apple Watch for Quick Unlock [#8311]
  • Better handling or “Lock on Minimize” setting [#8202]
  • Check for write permission before entering portable mode [#8447]
  • Correct regex escape logic to prevent parse errors [#7778]
  • Normalize slashes and file case for last used databases [#7864, #7214]
  • Link ykcore against pthread [#7807]
  • Auto-Type: Fix menu entries in selection dialog on Windows [#7987]
  • Auto-Type: Fix use of modifiers under macOS [#8111]
  • CLI: Fix output when using clip with the -t flag [#8271]
  • Browser: Use asynchronous access confirm dialog [#8273]
  • Browser: Always send database locked/unlocked status [#8114]

Version number 2.7.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website KeePassXC
File size


License type GPL
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