Software update: FLAC 1.4.2

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Version 1.4.2 of the Free Lossless Audio Codec, or FLAC, has been released. This sound file format stores data without losing information, as is the case with MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Opus, for example. FLAC is available for several operating systems and usually requires an external program to act as a user interface. In Windows, for example, you can do this with ExactAudioCopy and foobar2000. The changelog for this release shows the following changes and improvements:

FLAC 1.4.2

Like the last release, this release only has a few changes. A problem with FLAC playback in GStreamer (and possibly other libFLAC users) was the reason for the short time since the last release .


  • Remove xmms plugin (Martijn van Beurden, TokyoBlackHole)
  • Remove all pure assembler, removing build dependency on nasm
  • Made console output more uniform across different platforms and CPUs
  • Improve ability to tune compile for a certain system (for example with -march=native) when combining with –disable-asm-optimizations: plain C functions can now be better optimized

Build system

  • Default CFLAGS are now prepended instead of dropped when user CFLAGS are set
  • -msse2 is no longer added by default (was only applicable to x86)
  • Fix cross-compiling and out-of-tree building when pandoc and doxygen are not available
  • Fix issue with Clang not compiling functions with intrinsics
  • Fix detection of bswap intrinsics (Ozkan Sezer)
  • Improve search for libssp on MinGW (Ozkan Sezer, Martijn van Beurden)


  • Fix issue when the libFLAC user seeks in a file instead of libFLAC itself

Version number 1.4.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Xiph
License type GPL
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