Software Update: DrPython 3.1.1

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Python is a programming language with which simple to complex platform-independent applications can be developed. This language is used by many companies such as Industrial Light & Magic, Google and NASA.

For clear programming in a language you can use an IDE. For the language Python DrPython is available, among others, of which version 3.1.1 has recently been released. It changelog show us the following changes:

Version 3.1.1:

Bug Fixed:

  • Handles removed DrScript on the PopUpMenu.
  • Context Sensitive AutoIndent now uses regular expressions, and properly handles statements such as “return 1”


  • Context Sensitive AutoIndent now handles “pass”, “continue”, and “raise”.
  • Updated Documentation.

Version 3.1.0:

Bug Fixed:

  • Drag And Drop Bug Fixed (Bug Report, Thanks Franz Steinhausler)
  • Documentation now encloses urls in quotes, prepends “file:///” for about, help (Bug-Report plus fix, Thanks Franz Steinhausler)
  • Unused variable used for filename in WriteRecentFiles(bug-report, Franz Steinhaulser)
  • Old pref hanging around in drGetKeyDialog (bug report, Franz Steinhausler)
  • 15 Code fixes in, Thanks Franz Steinhalser!
  • 1 Codefix in, Thanks Franz Steinhalser
  • 3 Code fixes in, Thanks Franz Steinhalser
  • OpenFile:
    • uses os.path.abspath to ensure an absolute filepath.
  • bookmarks:
    • Dialog: OnLeftUp, uses correct icons for folders.
    • Dialog: OnLeftUp, correctly handles drop into a folder.
    • Now handles empty folder correctly
    • Dialog: Now allows empty folders, and empty bookmarks to be written.
    • Dialog: Handles user erasing folder character.
  • sys was imported twice.
  • drScript:
    • indentation error fixed with example script count.
    • documentation reflects new namespace.
    • documentation shows import statements.
  • cleanup up function order in,
  • Removed Sessions from Documentation.
  • PopUp Code cleanup in,
  • Handles bad itrem on pop up menu.
  • Shortcuts: extra keys no longer bound for copy, paste (Bug-Report With Fix, thanks Franz Steinhaulser)
  • Added Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete to the Edit Menu (Bug-Report With Fix, thanks Franz Steinhaulser)
  • Cleaned up DoBuiltin Code (uses ID instead of string).
  • Now uses drFindTextCtrl in Find/Replace In Files.
  • Filename in the tab incorrectly labeled as changed on open for plain text files.


  • Updated Credits.
  • Removed Shell Menu.
  • Removed Shell Menu from Documentation.
  • Removed Chop.
  • Removed Chop from Documentation.
  • drScript:
    • New Edit DrScript Menu Dialog
    • You can now organize DrScripts Into Folders
    • You can now add shell commands as DrScripts
    • organized examples into folders.
  • alphabetized lists for PopUp Menu/ToolBar dialogs
  • optional context sensitive auto indent.
  • New Scrolled Message Dialog:
    • close the dialogue.
    • replaced all wx.lib.dialogs.ScrolledMessageDialog with drScrolledMessageDialog.ScrolledMessageDialog.
  • Pop-up menu:
    • No longer removes items currently in pop up menu from program list.
    • You can now add DrScripts to the Pop Up Menu
    • You can now add Plugin Functions to the Pop Up Menu
    • Only adds the plugin to the menu if currently loaded (If you uninstall, it will still show up until you restart).
    • Updated relevant documentation.
  • Split “Edit” Menu into “Edit” and “Search” Menus.
  • Added Find History to Find/Replace Dialog.

Version number 3.1.1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003
Website DrPython
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License type GPL
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