Software Update: CudaText 1.174.0

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Version 1.174.0 of CudaText has been released. This open source and cross platform text editor is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, BSD and Solaris. It has extensive options which are of particular interest to software developers. It is developed in Object Pascal, starts quickly and through Python add-ons the functionality can be further extended. The program is under active development and new versions appear regularly. The changelog since version 1.171.0 looks like this:

Changes in CudaText version 1.174.0:

  • Change: simplified app icon
  • Add: ui-tabs render colored circle also for externally modified/deleted files
  • Add: Windows: normalize case of filenames on opening
  • Add: if “ui_esc_close”:true, and Esc is pressed to ‘cancel selection’, don’t quit but perform the command
  • Add: “underline_color_files” must support ‘rgb(10 20 30 / 50%)’
  • Add: file-flag “plugin_disabled” in plugin’s folder – disables loading of plugin
  • Add: toolbar ‘pressed’ states react fast to: buttons pressing, ui-tab switching
  • Add: support Python 3.11
  • Fix: regression in 1.173 – tree-helpers don’t work for lite lexers
  • Fix: bug in calculating text-pos from mouse-pos for proportional fonts
  • Fix: “autocomplete_autoshow_chars”:2 – a) must not fire event if ui-tab is quickly switched; b) value 2 didn’t work with 3 typed characters
  • Fix: bad plugin’s editor scrollbar with “micromap_on_scrollbar”:true

Changes in CudaText version 1.173.2:

  • Fix: minor issues with formatting in auto-completion listbox
  • Fix: wrong filter-char highlighting in menu dialog when item is collapsed with “…”
  • Fix: LSP plugin tooltip could appear in Alt+Tab list on Windows
  • Fix: lexer PHP: wrong folding of ‘default:’ blocks
  • Fix: Breadcrumbs plugin: code-tree cells may appear without icons, when code-tree is hidden
  • Fix: regression in 1.117 or older: in GTK2 version clipboard is cleared on exit

Changes in CudaText version 1.173.0:

  • Add: API for LSP plugin to render colored auto-completion listbox
  • Add: option “gutter_icon_size”
  • Add/change: for modified ui-tabs, render separate circle-mark instead of ‘*’ char in the title text; ui-tabs with plugin-set custom title now also show modified circle-mark
  • Add: toolbar shows ‘pressed’ state for additonal user-added buttons: ‘word wrap’, ‘read-only’, ‘insert/overwrite mode’, ‘show micromap’, ‘show ruler’
  • Fix: lexer Markdown: fixed rules for backtick codeblocks, to not fail on empty line in block
  • Fix: Project Manager: fixed errors on ancient Python 3.5
  • Fix: Ctrl+BackSpace in auto-completion

Changes in CudaText version 1.172.5:

  • Add: lexer reStructuredText: support headers with Unicode
  • Add: updated file-type icons (140 unused icons removed, 40 added)
  • Add: commands “dialog: find: toggle” and “dialog: replace: toggle” now consider options “find_suggest_*”
  • Fix: command “dialog: find: toggle” could move Find dialog out of the main window
  • Fix: Tabs List plugin: wrong columns if file-pair is opened
  • Fix: error if Ctrl+D is pressed in Console/Find/Replace input
  • Fix: regression in 1.165.2: Alt+Down stopped working in Console/Find/Replace comboboxes
  • Fix: regression in 1.165.2: CtrlCtrl+Enter stopped working in Find/Replace input fields
  • Fix: regression in 1.167: carets outside of screen are removed on arrow moving

Changes in CudaText version 1.172.0:

  • Add: option “auto_copy_clp”, which now replaces plugin Auto Copy To Clipboard (plugin is now ignored); unlike the old plugin, option works in all editor-fields in the app (including Find/Replace/Console/etc)
  • Add: option “mouse_middle_click”:2 (paste on middle click) works also for one-line inputs: Find/Replace, Console, Code-tree filter
  • Add: ‘single instance’ code works faster on Unix: user doesn’t see flashing main dialog now
  • Add: API supports HTML formatting in auto-completion listbox; it will be used in LSP
  • Add: handle command-line keys -h / -v / -el before creating GUI
  • Add: Options Editor supports old Python 3.4
  • Change: change default of “ui_backup_sessions” to 2
  • Change: change default of “ui_reopen_session_cmdline” to true
  • Change: remove ‘-‘ from “nonword_chars” in “settings_default/lexer Bash script.json”
  • Fix: after Shift+Right, Shift+Left, simple Right makes the buggy selection

Version number 1.174.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website CudaText
License type GPL
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