‘SEC documents indicate possible blood sugar meter in Apple Watch’

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The Apple Watch may get a blood sugar monitor in the future. Users’ blood pressure and alcohol levels may also be tracked via sensors that the company Rockley Photonics will make for Apple in the coming years.

British health technology company Rockley Photonics has said in recently discovered documents to the US SEC that it is working closely with Apple. Apple is said to have been Rockley’s biggest customer for the past two years, and the companies are said to have partnered up to develop products over the next few years.

Concrete details about the deal are not yet known. Rockley would soon want to go public, for which it had to submit documents to the stock watchdog. The Daily Telegraph discovered the documents submitted to the SEC. Those documents state that for the past two years, Rockley has been virtually dependent on two companies, one of which was Apple.

Rockley Photonics is a startup focused on making sensors for healthcare. With these sensors, the company can measure blood glucose and alcohol levels via infrared light rays, among other things. Blood pressure could also be measured in this way. The company expects to sell consumer products with the improved sensors next year.

The paper speculates that the products will likely appear in an Apple product. The Apple Watch is not explicitly mentioned, but that seems to be the most logical candidate. Apple has been marketing the smartwatch as a health wearable for years, and there have been rumors for some time that an upcoming smartwatch can measure blood sugar levels.

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